Local Ingredients

Local Ingredients

We continue to fill our pantry with the freshest, seasonal, and local ingredients we can get:


Grand View Farm, Conway, NH

Little Field Farm, Madison, NH


Cabot Creameries Co-op, Vermont

Hood & Oakhurst Dairies, Maine


Old Abbott Farm, Jackson, NH


Apple Acres, Hiram, ME

Pietree Orchard, Sweden, ME

Maple Syrup

100 Acre Wood, Intervale, NH

Thorn Hill Maple, Bartlett, NH

Lucy Farm, Intervale, NH

Pietree Orchard, Sweden, ME

Organic Cornmeal

 Champlain Mills, VT

Specialty Whole Wheat Flour:  Mainely Grains, Aroostock, ME

Other flours sourced through King Arthur Flour, Norwich, VT

Blueberries & Raspberries: Maine