Meet the Breads


We use several types of flour including:

King Arthur Flour – unbleached, unbromated and enriched

Maine Grains- 100% Whole Wheat Flour, Rye flour, and cracked rye.

Baguettes  - The traditional long skinny loaf. Often called “French Bread,” baguettes are made of unbleached white flour. We sell them in long open-ended paper bags because they are best eaten the day they are bought.

Italian  - The traditional large, oblong white flour loaf. Sometimes we sprinkle the tops with sesame seeds for a Scali.

English Toasting  - A specialty toasting bread in a crispy-crust sandwich-style loaf.

The Wheats  - We make several breads featuring whole wheat flour: whole wheat sesame, whole wheat walnut, whole wheat cranberry apricot, whole wheat raisin, organic whole wheat oatmeal and just plain whole wheat. Our Aroostook county whole wheat sourdough features organic wheat flour grown in Aroostook County, Maine.

Six-Grain  - Organic and 100% whole wheat flour with flax, sunflower seeds, organic oats, sesame, millet, and cracked wheat

Multigrain  - A white bread full of flax, sunflower seeds, cracked wheat & millet

Sonnenblumenbrot- a German bread made with white flour, cracked rye, and toasted sunflower seeds

Organic Mountain Sourdough  - Naturally leavened organic white bread

Olive & Rosemary  - A savory bread made with kalamata olives and fresh rosemary in a crispy artisan loaf

Roasted Garlic  - Our Italian loaf dressed up with whole local roasted garlic cloves and a bit of olive oil incorporated into the loaf

New England Cheddar - Italian style white bread loaded with Vermont cheddar cheese

Cinnamon Raisin  - A sweet white bread with just enough cinnamon to make your morning

Sourdough Rye with Caraway  - Our traditional German rye studded with caraway seeds

Organic Anadama - Vermont-grown corn meal bread, sweetened with molasses

Challah  - Traditional Jewish bread, enriched with eggs

Organic Ciabatta -A traditional recipe from Italy: dense, crusty, and chewy